Saturday, February 16, 2013

Currently February

I am not going to lie...teaching third grade is tough! Since I started on my journey as a teacher, I always thought that I would want to teach 3-5 grade. But here I am, in my second year of teaching (2nd grade last year), awaiting to hear if I will be approved to move to a lower grade. If you have been following my blog, you'll know that I am a looping teacher, second to third and back again (although I have only gone through the loop once). My school is actually thinking about switching things up and I am excited and anxious to find out what I will be teaching next year. With being a mom to three and half year old, I find that teaching the higher grades is difficult. I am always home doing work! Researching the next science or social studies unit that I haven't learned since elementary school, or grading papers all night. I know teaching any grade has work that needs to be done outside of school, but I think until my daughter is in the upper elementary grades and having her own after school activities to do, I want to be home with her and enjoying that time that I will never get back. 

Only time will tell...

On to February Currently! I love this and I am always behind in getting my post done for it. I have been using my iPad a lot and not the laptop and I have not figured out how to save the currently template and add text to it yet. So I'm late again this month. I am currently on a four day weekend, back home in NY, and have a little down time, so I decided to spend it doing something I love! Sorry for no new TpT items. I had all intentions of making a combined Valentine's Day, President's Day, 100th Day packet, but just couldn't find the time. We are already starting to do SOL (state testing) simulations at school and I am completely stressed out!