Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Visual Plans for January...what a month!

January has been quite a month in Northern Virginia...5 "snow" days and two days with two hour delays, bringing my county to ZERO days (or hours is how they do it here) left. How crazy is that? Temperatures below zero with the wind chill...the day we had a freeze day, it was -11 during the hours that the kids get picked up at the bus stop. I am from upstate NY, so these days off were bogus to me. I remember standing out side with so many layers that I could barely walk up the steps of the bus. My dad built me a small shed that looked like an outhouse. It had a bench in it so that me and my cousins, who lived next door, could get out of the wind on really cold days. Anyways...with this storm in the south right now we might get 1-2 inches tonight. We'll see! 

Well, how about Peek at my Month!

I don't have plans from the first week on January, because they were absolutely useless! We were one of the only counties in our area that had to go back for Th/F and then we wound up having a snow day on Friday! 

The above lesson plans are a full week...yes they are! BUT, I was out Monday with my daughter who had bronchitis and then Friday our first grade team had a full day of planning that had been rescheduled from our first snow day of the year on January 3rd. 

And I have started including a new page of lesson plans that shows which trade books that I get daily worksheets out of. Daily Language Review from Evan Moor is one that I used in second and third grade for morning work. My first grade team decided to start using it for the last two quarters of the year. I think it will really help with their writing and to prepare them for the grade to come with the routine.

There will be some changes taking place in my first grade class over the next couple of weeks in addition to using Daily Language Review. We begin the year with word family spelling lists with five additional sight words from the high frequency list. The word families were very easy for my first graders, so I am happy to move on to Words Their Way sorts. 

We will also start using a color behavioral chart that goes beyond green to Quality Student. I have created many behavioral charts for my TpT store, but I feel that my students would benefit from using only red, yellow, green and blue. I created punch cards at the beginning of the year and had so much on my plate with behavioral issues and getting to learn the curriculum that I did not use them the way I wanted to. So my goal is to use them with the chart and with mini competitions in the classroom to hopefully improve behaviors and academics. I have been pushing my students to write with their neatest handwriting and so I think the first competition will be to produce something with their best handwriting. Other competitions that I have in my mind are spellings bees and flash card fact rounds. 

Until Currently for February...I imagine I won't be getting around to blogging at all the rest of the week since report cards are due! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year! Currently and a New Activity Pack!

Happy New Year to all! I can't believe that we are writing 2014 already...oh how the time flies!

Short recap of my holiday break...

NY, family, friends, four or five Christmases, colds, sneezing, lots of sleeping in, walks in the woods, rang in the New Year, back to VA, one day of school (Thursday), SNOW DAY (Friday) = 3 day weekend, and a new holiday themed pack for TpT!

This is going to be a short post, because I have been on the computer a lot today finishing my pack and my shows are about to begin (The Bachelor at 8pm and Downton Abbey at 9pm!)

Listening...I went back and counted that I have used General Hospital for at least three of my currently's in 2013...I had like 10 on the DVR that I had to catch up on...watching the last one right now!

Loving...2014 is looking to be a great year! We are saving money, looking forward to nice tax return, working towards a healthier lifestyle, moving into a single family home, friends and family in NY over the summer, and Addyson starting Kindergarten in September (OMG!)

Thinking...that the snow day we had on Friday was our 1st grade team planning day...and on Thursday the outlook for a snow day wasn't too clear, so I left all of my stuff in school. But I did make lesson plans for a sub for Friday so I guess I can use those tomorrow. Hoping our team planning day is rescheduled for this week.  

Wanting...another week off...I mean who doesn't? Once I start back up again, I am sure I'll get into the routine, but it sure has been nice spending time with my husband and daughter. start my New Year regimen! It is all planned out, lunch made for the week, dinner planned for the week, motivational wall is up, and my husband is ON BOARD! We both want to lose between 20-30 lbs and doing it together will hopefully be good for us. 

Memory/Tradition...even though I usually complain about how hectic our holidays are between going back and forth and visiting friends back in NY, I love it! I can't imagine the day when we don't go back to NY to celebrate the holidays...but then on the other hand I think about Addy and how if we always travel, Santa will never really come to her house. Traditions will change, I'm sure, over the next few years...but the memories of our New York holidays will always stay close to my heart. <3 Home <3

And I leave you with my new activity pack...

...AND because I am feeling generous...and it's the New Year...the first 14 people to comment will get the pack for FREE! To qualify, I need you to 1) leave a comment below, 2) include your e-mail address, 3) be a kind teacher and proof it for me, 4) PIN it on Pinterest using the three holiday names.