Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Currently & OWL Classroom Theme GIVEAWAY!

It's the beginning and end of the school year and I really slack on my blog...maybe it's the DRAs, PALS, writing sprees, writing prompts, end of year tests, etc...??? What do you think? If it weren't for Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade, I would be months without a blog post. Looking forward to a relaxing summer and being able to spend a little more time on my blog. But I did however create a NEW classroom theme bundle using OWLS! Take a peek...and then hop over to my TpT Store and get yours for 20% only for the next couple of days! Check out the preview for a full look at the items included.

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Summer Bucket List...
There are always a million things that I want to do during the summer. We go "home" to NY for a few weeks and visit family and friends and my motivation to focus on myself (so selfish right?) does right down the drain. #1... Five weeks ago I started my 1/2 marathon training with a colleague/friend from school. We are in the 4th week of the training program (although we repeated week 3) and are now running with the wind! Yesterday I ran 4 miles (stopped a couple times to wait for traffic and fix my phone (junk)). But overall, we still finished with just over a 10 minute mile. #2...even though I have been running, I have not been losing any weight. I have read a million places that running long distance isn't for those who want to lose, but I can't help it! I want to do both! So I need to get my head back into the game of eating correctly since I know that I am exercising 4-5 times a week. Back to the simple eats...yogurt, fruit, less carbs, etc. #3...not sure what this is yet. But I want to try something new...whether it be a new type of workout for cross training days, a new delicious yet nutritious meal, something...TBD.

...and now for a few more fun things...Check out my week in photos...

Trash to Treasure projects from our 1st graders...pretty neat stuff!

Addyson GRADUATED Prek K! Melts my heart...oh BOY Kindergarten next year!

How about that for "MOM! Stop calling my name so I will look at you and you can take another PICTURE!"

Our adventure this afternoon at Gravelly Point Park in Arlington, VA...SO. STINKIN. COOL!