Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently and Jungle Fever!!!

...this past week has been the mother load of ups and downs...
...and I mean really up up's and really down downs...

My students are almost finished taking there tests! So proud of them and how they can been able to hold the stamina to sit through these crazy long and difficult tests. 

My amazing, patient and determined husband was offered a position at another elementary school in my county. He'll be teaching either 4th or 5th grade. This will be the first time we've both held full time teaching jobs at the same time. So proud of him <3

Absolutely looking forward to summer vacation, spending time back in NY with family and friends...taking some little vacations and just relaxin'.

Super excited about moving to first grade next year!!!! And using my new Under the Sea classroom theme. 

And...drum roll please...

My newest classroom theme bundle: JUNGLE FEVER!

It includes: 
Where are We? Signs

Classroom Job
Schedule Cards
Behavioral Chart
Calendar Months
Voice Levels
Hand Signals
Desk Tags

Separately, these items would cost $20.00. Buy as a bundle and save $5.00! A whole classroom theme for $15, now that is a STEAL! Enjoy everyone!

...and because I always like to do a freebie...the first 5 NEW followers will get to choose from the Where are We, Voice Level Chart, Behavioral Chart, or Desk Tags! Hurry up!