Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ta Da! A Glimpse into Room 113! say that the past few weeks have been hectic is an UNDERSTATEMENT! School, Weddings, School, Weddings...starting the school year in a new grade (1st) and three weddings (one I was in, one my husband is in and another family one) all within 4 weeks. Not to mention all the weddings were/are in NY/NJ and we live in VA!

And before the classroom pictures...just a few of my family and friends to share first! I am sooo LUCKY to have an amazing extended family and so many caring/kick ass friends!

Bridesmaid's Photo Shoot! A surprise for the bride, my cousin <3 I grew up with all of these girls, except for the bride's college BBF, who is also pretty awesome! (I'm all the way over on the left)

...and the first peek at the wedding!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. The photographer was my aunt...check out her pictures here!

Our 1st Day of School Photo! Two Teachers and a Pre-Schooler!

My Addy girl (now 4! I can't believe it!!) and I... she owns my <3

First grade has been amazing/crazy/wonderful/stress all at the same time. I know it will take me a while to get into a routine...and of course since it's my first year, I am always looking for new things/ideas...since I have no files to pull from!

So here is my carpet area. Unlike most, I have mine off to one side so that we can have calendar time the old school way! Although I have been tempted to create a Promethean calendar time file...we'll see! I like the hands on for 1st grade...maybe for 2nd I will do the Promethean file. 

Close up of the calendar area...I added a coin poster, hundreds chart and tens frame activity to count the days in school. It is always a work in progress. I made quite a few of the pieces that are displayed at calendar...I should make a Do It Yourself Calendar Product! 

These are the color posters that I made...not up on TpT yet...but maybe it you keep reading...there will be a surprise :o)

This is how we do lunch count everyday...well, if I am being was just once...and now I take a count and move the names myself...I think I'll give the kiddos another try at it in a few weeks. Need lunch cards with pictures? They are free here

Here are the kiddos practicing Read to Self...oh man! Daily 5 is difficult to do in first grade. We've only practiced Read to Self, discussed the three ways to read a book and that's it! Work on Writing is going to be interesting!! We will succeed!

OKAY! And since you read my whole get the color posters for free!!! Right here...

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently and the 1st Day of School!

I am going to keep this short...because as my currently says, I need to write my lesson plans for this week! I left my amazing new Erin Condren planner at school this past weekend because I was in a wedding in NY; where was my head!!! So here goes...

My classroom is all set, just a few things I need to do tomorrow before all the kiddos come in. I have a bunch of first week ideas, I just need to write them all out. Pictures of my classroom to come last this week.