Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day = TpT Creations!

SNOW DAY!!!! YAHHH!!!! One inch on the ground and this county closes school, so different from where I grew up. There had to be 6 inches or more for sure. Anyways, I went to bed last night expecting the snow day, but still got everything ready and continued with my normal routine (just a little superstition I guess). 

So I have spent my morning and afternoon creating some new TpT packs. The first one was an Ancient Civilizations: Greece, Rome and the Empire of Mali Pack. Here in VA our SOLs 3.1, 3.2 and 3.4 are teaching these three ancient civilizations. This pack might only be eye catching to those in VA teaching these standards, but many states and grades are responsible for teaching ancient Greece and Rome. 

The next is a set of posters that explain the writing process:

And lastly, a set of 20 posters that explain and give examples of the different types of words:

Check them out! As always, the first 5 people to comment on this blog post will get their choice of one of these packs for FREE! In return all I ask is for those who win to PIN the picture from above on Pinterest to spread the word. Okay, now I'm off to hopefully try and not do any school related things on my glorious SNOW DAY!!!!

**Just found out I have another SNOW DAY tomorrow!! Maybe some more TpT products? 


  1. I LOVE snow days! It would be so great to win this pack! Thank you for the opportunity! :o)


  2. We had a 2 hour delay today and that was great! Would have loved a snow day! We teach this same info. Just got done with this chapter. Would love to use this next year.