Friday, August 16, 2013

Wednesday's NOW TEACH...and Thursday's TAMING THE WILD!!!

This week happens to be the last of weeks visiting in NY before my husband and I head back to Virginia to get our classroom's all set up. Then it's back to NY for a wedding! Our parents are so great to keep our daughter Addy for a week so we don't have to pay for daycare and then they are bringing her down to us next weekend. Gotta love AMAZING grandparents! I have been busy and since I am not back in the classroom yet, it's hard to get into Teacher Week...I wish it were next week...although I guess I would be saying I was too busy with my classroom to blog! So here goes...Wednesday's Now Teach! and Thursday's Taming the Wild! Two for ONE! :o)

Now Teach! Organizing for Instruction

I am more organized at school then I am at home, that's for sure. Most days my clothes don't make it out of the laundry basket and my bed is NEVER made. Who is going to go in my room anyways? As I mentioned yesterday, I don't have anything done in my room, but I do have most of my printables printed, laminated and cut!

Organization I think will be a top priority this year. I always Pin ideas, and never get to them. But my #1 organizing for instruction tool will be...drum roll please...

I have seen this planner on a ton of teacher blog's and I fell in love and just HAD to have one. I also ordered one for the hubby...although the inside is kind of girlie, he got one with the apples on the outside. 

And here are a few items that I pinned on Pinterest and want to create for my room...

What the Teacher Wants

I plan on using Kim Adsit and Shari Sloane's Student Calendar Notebook for my calendar instruction this year. And I want to put together a calendar area like the one in the photo above. I have the Promethean board and I know I could do some fun calendar things on there, but I really like the old school calendar ways.

I've wanted legit mailboxes, like the wooden ones since I started teaching, but I just haven't broken down to spend the money and I haven't found anything big enough for at least 25 students. I came across this pocket chart and since I don't have that much wall space to push things up against, I figured something like this could hang on the back of a door.

Taming the Wild!

I used hand signals last year and they worked so well with my 3rd graders. I am hoping I have just as much success with my 1st graders this year. 

I pinned this noise magnet idea from All Students Can Shine and think I might give it a try this year. Take one letter down at a time when warning students about their voice levels. We also do a compliment jar...which I want to find little plastic fish for a fish bowl to match my theme. Students earn them at specials and in the hallways from other teachers. If I do the noise magnets, I will give the students fish for keeping the letters and then figure out something to do if all the letters come off. 

And that's all I've got for today! Check out my latest classroom theme bundle on Tpt: Zebra!

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  1. Hi Lindsay:)

    I am working on my calendar now- I like the one you picked out, super cute. I also like your fish idea:)
    Have a great week!