Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Currently

Well, I totally forgot about Currently this month with Oh Boy Fourth's already the 13th of the month, whoops!

These past few months have been pretty crazy and hectic at school, but I was fortunate enough to have an amazing student teacher. Her last day was on Friday and I am going miss her when I go to school on Monday. She always helped me remember all the millions of things that I would say out loud that I needed to do. She would put a ziplock bag in my school bag with a note reminding me that I need more k cups at school for my afternoon coffee (which I would not be happy about missing!). I couldn't figure out what to get her as a parting gift, so since it is the holidays, I gave her a $100 Visa card and hoped that it would help her out with whatever she needed. 

As for the other Currently items...a personal chef would make my live so much easier! I do not like grocery shopping so my husband does that and has for a long time. But I would love it for someone to make my meals and tell me what is healthy to eat. I try my best to make healthy meals (which brings me to the next item)...starting to eat clean again. I want to completely cut wheat out of my diet and processed foods. We were really good at it in the beginning of the school year but then our week in the hospital threw us a curve ball. I got a treadmill as part of my Christmas gift from my parents and my I have been trying to get on that when we get home from school at least 3 nights a week. I just get so tired being at school all day...I have to find a balance!

It's perfect that the last item for this months Currently is daughter and I just finished packing three boxes of her toys that she hasn't played with in a long time to give a family at my school. I was pretty proud of her with how cool she was about giving so much away. And tomorrow we are going to make cookies with family and I plan on making little bins up for my office ladies, the custodians, and others. I don't get my nails or hair done regularly, but we do have a cleaning lady, so we will be leaving her some extra cash as well. 

And here are a few of my holiday products on TpT...head on over to check them out! My Polar Express packet has been popular the past two years. 


Happy Holidays!


  1. Found your blog via Farley's Currently as you are the link right before me. I love that you are working on eating clean. It's also something I've been working on as well. I've collected a lot of Paleo recipes on my Pinterest. While I don't keep gluten free anymore, I do eat a lot less carbs as a result of trying it. I also love recipes from Michelle Tam's Nom Nom Paleo App. TeacherMsH~ThirdIstheWord