Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello Blogging World!

Hello blogging world! I have been wanting to start my own teaching blog for quite some time now. Trying to decide whether or not to buy a template or create my own. Well here I am! I create my own template and I am ready to start blogging about my teaching adventures. As you can see in my ABOUT ME section, I have recently moved to VA from NY. I started teaching 2nd grade back in February and here were are at the end of the school year already. I have another 9.5 days left with the kids and then I will be packing up my 2nd grade room and turning it into my 3rd grade room. The school where I work is a looping school, K with 1st, 2nd with 3rd, and 4th with 5th. I am very interested, excited and a little nervous to be teaching two separate curriculums. Especially where 3rd grade has the SOL testing and 2nd grade does not. My class list is created for next year, having tried to stick to the integrity of the loop. Although, I will be the second SPED classroom in my team next year, so the kiddos have been moved around a little bit. I will be keeping about 1/2 of my class. Unfortunately, I am not getting certified to teach gifted students, so the those students that I put up and have been accepted into the gifted program this year will not be able to stay with me for 3rd grade.

As my first official blog, I want to say that I have been following some others out there and I am so grateful for the ideas and the inspiration! I hope that there are some teachers, moms, or anyone, for that fact, out there that will benefit from my blogs and posts. Here's to the end of the year for some and a great summer for all!

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