Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Polka Dots!!

The summer has begun! The end of the year went fairly smooth. I am back in NY for a few weeks. While I was substitute teaching in NY for four years, I took on a hobby job of wedding planning, so we are here for my big summer wedding on July 7th.

As I will mentioned at least a million times, I am IN LOVE with Pinterest! It is an amazing site and I am addicted. I have a board dedicated to my summer projects, all of which have to do with my classroom for next year. So take a look at my new small group crate seats! My theme for next year is going to be polka dots...and I am creating tons of stuff to match my seats and my blog. Last step will be to add a ribbon along the top of the seat so that I can easily lift the seat up for storage underneath.

To go along with my polka dot theme, I took a picture of the fabric, which I bought at Walmart, and used it as a background for some of my classroom items...

Like my class jobs, which I created 24 of them, so that every student has a job.

And I found an idea on Pinterest, thanks to, a behavior management idea that I think will go along perfect with Power Teaching.

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