Sunday, October 6, 2013


YAY!!! I just had to share that my Tieks came in the mail today! I am super excited to wear these babies tomorrow to school.

I wore them around the house for a little bit today and they seem super comfy. I'll update you later this week on how they were...

**UPDATE: So after day one, I have a few concerns and some advice...BUT I am hopeful!

#1...Do NOT wear them outside unless you are 100% sure that they are the right flat for you. I was so excited that I didn't even think to look at the return policy, which is in the FAQ on the site, and it says that an exchange or return can only be made with shoes not worn. :o(

#2 I think my shoes are a little snug...but I have read and the Tieks representative said that they will stretch. Well I hope so, because I just laid out $175 and being silly enough not to read the return policy, I am stuck with them now. The Tieks lady said to "wear them around the house with thick socks" to stretch them and that after the first few wears they will stretch. I ended the day with sore feet: tightness around the toes and the heel with visible rubbing, but no blisters.

#3 The Tieks lady said if all else fails to stretch these shoes, to bring them to a cobbler/shoe repair place and have them professionally stretched. So I will give them a couple more days (wearing knee highs I guess so that they do not rub too much!) before I decide to bring them to the shoe repair store down the road from me.

I'll update you along my journey that will hopefully end in...the best pair of shoes ever! I hope!!


  1. So glad for the honest feedback! I've been wanting a pair, but iffy. I only wear ballet flats so I was super excited to find an awesome pair. Please keep us updated! Thanks! :)

    Kindergarten Korner

  2. did they stretch??? I just ordered 2 pairs and feel the same way...