Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Visual Plans, Pumpkins and Field Trip

I am a little late with my visual plans for this week, but they have changed a few times. This week we were focusing on pumpkins due to our field trip to Hartland Orchard (apples are becoming out of season so they also do pumpkins). Check out Mrs. Will's Visual Plans and link up!

And here are some photos from our field trip and our pumpkin activities...

Here is the summary of our Earth and Space Relationship experiment intro week...we basically talked about the difference between day and night and how the sun heats up the Earth. We never got a chance to do the flashlight activity, so we will be wrapping up that unit next week in our short 3 day week.

And I will leave you with a photo of Addy's preK homework...kind of crazy that this is something that they want her to do, along with 10 other worksheets...and sight words (yea, I said sight words)!

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  1. The amount of HW Addy gets is a little over the top...and by a little I mean A LOT!