Monday, March 31, 2014

3 Day Shakeology Cleanse: Day 2

Well, I am glad I started this yesterday and not today...because I have my end of year observation on Wednesday and I am definitely going to NEED my coffee that day! So after one day, I was down 1.3lbs. I was hoping for 2. Probably not too bad a of a number considering that I am having milk with my shakes.

Today was much like yesterday, started off with a headache, most likely because I am not drinking my coffee. I mixed my shakes with half milk, half water...I cannot stomach the watered down taste of just mixing with water and ice, especially when not having fruit in them. In my morning shake I added half a banana. I added a tsp of cocoa to each shake today as well...1 tbsp of the cocoa is only 15 calories, so 1 tsp is only 5 calories. I had an apple this afternoon while my kiddos were having a snack. I had the same salad as last night, with chicken and the asian dressing. 

My cravings were still there, not as bad I guess. I usually stop in my principals office twice a day for a piece of chocolate. I did well today and DID NOT have my daily chocolate fix (that's why I added it to the shakes). I was still hungry so I had my 3rd shake about an hour and half after dinner. 

I will update tomorrow evening with my progress. I bought caffeinated green tea to have tomorrow. I am hoping this might help with the headache that I know is from caffeine withdrawals! #Starbucksismylife

I leave you with this scary evening shot of me drinking my 3rd shake...

And just a teacher related question for those of you reading my crazy blogs: Once Upon a Time or Camping theme for next year? These were two ideas from my students, whom of which I will have at least 2/3 of them again next year since we are a looping school. 

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