Sunday, July 8, 2012


I've had a crazy weekend! Yesterday was the finale of my year long effort in planning one of my clients weddings. It sure was a stressful day and a few major issues did arise, but thanks to my wonderful husband, it all worked out! Although my weekend was a little rough, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have some followers AND was nominated for two blogger awards:

Thank you very much Patti at Primary Pizzazz.

 Primary Pizzazz
Now, I am very new to this land of blogging, but I am thrilled and so thankful to already be welcomed into the experience. So I hope I can follow the directions (lol) of nominating other blogs that I have been following.
The rules for The Versatile Blogger award are as follows:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Include a link to their site.
3. Include the award image in your post.
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself
5. Nominate 15 other bloggers, include their link and let them know  
Seven random facts about me:
1. I am a teacher by school year and wedding coordinator by summer time. (Although, I really plan for both all year long!)
2. My favorite place to be is at the beach! I see my family moving closer to the beach in the future.
3. I would love to be a college professor, even an adjunct in my later years of teaching.
4. I am a Pinterest addict!
5. I am the person who my team members go to for something to be created on the computer (ie. flyers, awards, etc).
6. I could live on guacamole.
7. My husband is my best friend. I couldn't live without him. And, his birthday is today <3

The rules for One Lovely Blog award are as follows:
1. Follow the person who gave you the award.
2. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
3. Pass the award on to 15 new bloggers.
And here are the 15 blogs that I cannot stop stalking for amazing ideas:

Clutter-Free Classroom

No Monkey Business

The Teacher Wife
Teaching Third

Hoot Hoot Hooray!

3 Teacher Chicks

A Modern Teacher

Made In The Shade In Second Grade


Have a great day everyone!

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