Sunday, July 29, 2012

Word Work

I am sure that each year, as teachers, we realize that we need to change things up a little...keep it fresh. Well that is definitely one thing that I cannot fall behind on because I loop between 2nd and 3rd grade. I posted a few weeks ago about how I have to keep books in my classroom library that will be interesting and on level for both of these grades...and below and above!

Same goes with word work. In my classroom from Feb-end of the year, I had the following word work centers: string a word (with letter beads and pipe cleaners), Scrabble words (with the Scrabble card game), stamping words, word finds, and build a word (connecting cubes with sticker letters on them).

I knew I was going to have to present my class with a whole new spread of activities, so I've been looking around on Pinterest. I found a great Word Worth activity by The Teachers' Cauldron Teachers' Cauldron, which you get for free on TpT. What a great game to incorporate spelling and mathematics. Then I got the idea for the Word Work Bingo from 3rd Grade Thoughts. Also, at the end of last school year, a friend gave me an Evan Moor Take to Your Seat Literacy Centers book with amazing activities in it. I copied all the necessary pages and I still need to laminate and put all the piece together in folders. Then I decided to create a packet of all the ideas that I have found and a few that I put my own spin on (because, Hey! Word Work games are just about all the same). So here you go! My new word work packet includes word work bingo (that includes the evan moor activities on the board), letter writing, writing sentences, making words, a word find (I kept this one because my students loved it), song writing, and my own version of how much is your word worth. Click on the preview to go to my TpT store to purchase this packet for $5.00.

I also uploaded each activity on their own for a $1.00/each, incase you do not have or do not want to include the Evan Moor Word Work Bingo (that also has the other activities in this packet on the board).

Each activity is featured twice on a page, except the word find, bingo and how much is your word worth, so that you can save paper by printing two in one. I hope you all enjoy! 

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