Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tieks for my FOLLOWERS!!!

...well a discount anyway! I bought my first pair of tieks about a month or so ago and I love them. They took a week to break in and at first I was not convinced, but then they literally just stared molding to my feet. I wear them almost every day to school and my feet never hurt at the end of the day.

So, I can send this discount opportunity on to four one of the first four and I will email it along. All you have to do is email it to four of your friends and get them in on the discount too! No purchase necessary, just share four friends emails and then you will receive a code in your email for 20% off! And if you are as crazy on a promo code hunter as I am, you know that it is NEAR impossible to find one for Tieks!

I am thinking I will use my code for these:


ALSO...come back soon to be the winner of a Polar Express Packet freebie! 


  1. Whoa 20% off? If you still have a spot I'd love an invite!

  2. Would love the 20% off on Tieks!!

  3. I would love one too.